Surf Fitness Program

Important: Before beginning this program, be sure that there is a skilled professional to guide you correctly. Always warm up and stretch correctly before and after the exercises.

Ground Training

Running: Practice for 20 minutes in regular speed as a warm up before the exercises. In the last two minutes switch to side or backwards running to warm up the knees, hips and ankle joints.


Surf Fitness ProgramPress-ups

To favour and increase the speed of standing on the board, try to start with 3 sets of 7 repetitions.

Along of 3 weeks increase the number of repetitions for a better development and muscular endurance. Practice at least four times a week


Surf Fitness programSquat

To increase the legs resistance, in squatting position, this exercise prepares you to have a more squatted and balanced style.

Begin without any weight, as in the pictures. As the weeks pass, ask your gym trainer to guide you in using a bar with weights


Surf Fitness program


The best exercise to increase back muscles and to condition you for long surfing hours.

Begin with 3 sets of 5 repetitions.

If it's too easy or too heavy, adjust to your muscular endurance, always maintaining 3 sets.



Surf Fitness programDorsal and leg raises

This exercise will condition the back muscles to remain in the paddling position for many hours. Usually, the student without back conditioning feels pain after a few hour of surfing.

Begin with 3 sets of 10 repetitions holding 4 seconds.


Pool Training

Swimming : Basic requirement for your participation in the course. Practice front crawl, because besides improving your efficiency on the paddling, it assures you the necessary safety in the water. Respect the sea.

Rowing/Paddling : Use a body board or a float and practice this basic concept for a good development during the classes (a surf board is not necessary for this practice). Row, at least, 200 meters in the first class and in each session try to increase the distance. It's advisable three times per week.

Sub aquatic swimming : Practice for a better control of your breathing under water. Having better breath you will be providing against eventual suffocation or dangerous situations that we are exposed to when surfing.

Every program proposed above can be adapted to each individual's endurance and fitness. In case you consider this program heavy, decrease the repetitions, but concentrate in developing your conditioning each week.

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